• Write down what you want to do every day e.g. You will recite 20 pages of Quran, read 10 duas, revise 20 surahs, make dua, pray Qiyam ul lail (Night Prayer), visit the grave yard, give charity, change certain habits, then evaluate every day if you have kept to your daily tasks.
  • Perform tawaf every day. There will be times when you will feel more connected to perform tawaf, there will be times you will feel more to recite Quran, making dua, doing istagfar, balance it out so you get the most inshallah.
  • You should have a group doctore but if not then just to be on the safe side, bring strepsils for your throat, some general antibiotics for throat infection, medicine for dhydration. There are hospitals & general service is free mashallah tabarakallah.
  • Get as many du’as for other people as you can. Send out messages to your contacts before you leave – ask for forgiveness, clear your debts, ask others to pray for you, One of the best time to recite du’a is on the Day of Arafah.
  • Memorize this du’a: “Allahuma ja’alni mustajaab ad-da’wa” (O Allah, make me among those whose du’as are answered) It’s wonderful, Alhamdulillah 🙂
  • Don’t eat a lot. Stay away from unhealthy/fried foods too. Diet plays a huge role here in spiritual clarity. You will find many restaurants in the clock tower & other places, be wise in what you eat. Keep in mind, if you eat alot, it will make you lazy and you may not be able to concentrate in your worship.
  • Drink lots of Zamzam. Many ahadith about zamzam water, making dua before it is accepted, drink as much as you, its nourishing & delicious. You can keep a bottle with yourself, fill it & drink it.
  • Please don’t waste time on your social media, spend as much time as you can in Masjid Ul Haram, there are over a BILLION people who will not get the opportunity to perform hajj, there will only be 3-4 million muslims around the world performing the pilgrimage, SPEND TIME IN THE HARAM, don’t waste time, ITS NOT A HOLIDAY, ITS NOT A VACATION, its one of the pillars of Islam, do it well. Its your connection time with Allah subhanahu ta’alah, make use of it, make it your JOURNEY OF A LIFE TIME’ make it special for yourself, make the effort, you have left your family & loved ones, you may not have the opportunity again. Make it your spiritual retreat.
  • Read about Umrah & Hajj, the history, Seerah of Prophet Muhammah sallallah hu alihiwasallam.
  • While in Makkah & Medina, you can visit many historical sites, your tour operator will take you to visit some places but do your research & write landmarks you would like to visit.
  • Give as much Sadaqa (Charity) as you can. Reward will be immense . You will find many needy people, sit with them, take lessons for your life & give with love rather than just giving for the sake of it, give in charity believing Allah has provided you with this wealth so you can share with other.
  • Make new friends, interact with people again have a balance.
  • Concentrate on listening to Quran, do not listen music, its not allowed in Islam and its one of the habits you should try to change.
  • Make sure to be Be patient. Do not lose your temper, do not complain, its not a holiday, there will be thousands of people there, stay focused, if someone pushes you because he/she wants to move forward, let it be, if you are hit by someone’s shoulder/elbow etc, stay calm, Anything that happens, WAS MEANT TO HAPPEN FOR YOU, ACCEPT IT & MOVE FORWARD.
  • Overall aim is to ‘Submit to Allah in all aspects of your life’. All rituals, rights, tests, scenarios are part of your hajj, if you miss to understand it, you will miss the essence of understanding hajj.
  • There will be ease after hardship so don’t worry, it will get better.
  • For Sisters, What if ones start menstruating?
  • Allah wrote it for you, you will receive the same reward or in fact more inshallah, it was the decree of Allah for you to have it duing Hajj. Your Allah knows more than you, Accept it & move on.

Should I take my camera?2017-08-11T06:00:24+00:00

You will see many people using their phones to take their pictures or pictures of Masjid ul haram. Police have confiscated cameras etc in the past from pilgrims & there is general prohibition. I would suggest you limit yourself in taking selfies etc, you are visiting the house of Allah subhanahu ta’alah, focus on your worship & ignore the materialistic approach. You may want to take pictures of the masjid, you can take them but limit your picture taking habit when in the Haram.

Where should I make Tawaf and Sa’iy?2017-08-11T06:01:57+00:00

It is better to perform Tawaf on the ground floor but due to congestion you can always go to the 1st floor, 2nd floor & the roof. It takes more time to perform tawaf on the floors. It generally takes 20-25 mins to perform Tawaf but during hajj it can increase from 40-45 mins & during Hajj Days (10th-13th Zull hijjan) it can take upto few hours.

Wheel chair

For Sa’iy (the running between Safa & Marwa), again you have basement, ground floor, first floor, 2nd floor & the roof. It is less congested when performing sa’iy on the floors but during hajj days, it will be busy. It takes around 35-45 mins to perfrom sa’iy & during Hajj time, it can increase to an hr or so depending on your stamina.

Can you touch the Ka’aba?2017-08-11T06:03:22+00:00

Yes, you can but be very careful in harming others. There will be thousands of pilgrims & many will try to do the same. Do not cause any harm to anyone, remember you will be in the best place on the face of this universe. While the 1 Prayer is equivalent to 100,000, committing a sin holds great side effect aswell. There are quieter times during the day, you can try to touch the Ka’aba during it. People make Tawaf on regular basis, numbe of people decreases to some extent in the morning after Fajar up to 11am, then after Dhuar & then from 11pm-2am.

What do I do during Hajj?2017-08-11T06:04:11+00:00

You perform Hajj with clear intention & that is ‘You are fulfilling one of the pillars of Islam & you want to perform hajj to please Allah’. During Hajj, you have to start preparing for it. Remember failing to plan is planning to fail. Visit Hajjandumrahguide.com & download the guides, listen & watch lectures on hajj. Do it few times to get used to it. If you are travelling in a group, you should have an Imam travelling with you to provide guidance. Even then, make sure to do your reading.

What should I bring with me to Mina?2017-08-11T06:07:43+00:00

You will be staying in Mina from 8th Zull hijja – 12th/13th zulhijja. That will be 5-6 days in total. You will be in the state of Ihram from 8th-10th so remains 2-3 days. Keep enough items for 2-3 days. Each day you will walk to throw pebbles, distance can wary from place of tent, European tents tend to have a good 45min-60 mins walk – one way, happy Hajj. Apart from that you will generally be staying in the tent & concentrating in your worship with food provided.

Mina Bag should have…!!!

  • Copy of Quran
  • Dua book
  • A book on Allah’s names so you can use them to make dua,
  • 2-3 pairs of clothes
  • Undergarments
  • Toiletries
  • Slippers for toilets
  • Pair of trainers/sandals
  • Mina Towel
  • Sleeping bag (you can also buy it from Saudi)
  • Sunglasses
  • A hat (2-3)
  • Ghutra (Saudi head covering for men, it helps protect you from getting sun stroke)
  • Pebble bag
  • Food is generally provided by your agent.

Where will I keep my items?2017-08-11T06:09:55+00:00

Your luggage will be with you in Makkah & Medina. When in Mina–Days of Hajj, your organiser would have allocated a venue for it to be kept safe. You will be able to keep necessary items for your mina use. Please avoid taking gold, extra valuables as although you will be in the best places on the face of this universe, items can get lost/stolen.

What about deodorant?2017-08-10T10:53:53+00:00

You can use it but it should un-scented & use it while not in the state of ihram.

What should I pack?2017-08-11T06:16:42+00:00

An Important question

Ihram towels: If your first point of residence will be Makkah then you will have to be in the state of Ihram from the time you will be in the plane, generally 45 minutes before landing.

If your first point of residence will be Madina, then you don’t need to be in the state of Ihram, you can either buy Ihram clothes from your country or from Madina. Some people would like to be prepared & get themselves ready by buying from their country.

Yes, you can have 2 pairs & if need be change into the new one.

Vaseline: Ouch – Yes, that will be words if you don’t use Vaseline.

This may sound awkward, but it really is helpful. Use some of it on your  thighs while in the state of Ihram before heading out into the heat. It’ll save you from painful rashes later on. Nutrition bars or any other type of healthy, packaged snacks. Granola/Fruit/Nut bars are also great. Bring at least like a dozen with you and keep one or two on you at all times, just in case. Although when travelling between cities, you will find many food places, its always good to have some Nutrition bars.

Ear Plugs/Eye Shade: The test with your brother/sister in islam becomes testing when they sleep in the same tent as you & snore..!!!

Firstly you should be clear they don’t snore because they  to or like it, they are snoring because Allah has made them like it so accept it, it may happen. Secondly not to have your beauty sleep disturbed, take ear plugs & eye shade inshallah.

Unscented soap/ toiletries: It is essential since you can’t use any scents/fragrances when you’re in ihram. You can use perfume before coming in the state of ihram but not while in the state of Ihram. Once you have made the intention of performing Umrah / Hajj, you are then considered in the state of Ihram.

Comfortable sandals: Very very important, I can’t stress enough. You will be walking a lot & would like to get the best out of hajj, hence prepare. Buy pair of sandals that you will use to walk, use them for a week or so your feet can get used to them.

What should I wear?2017-08-11T06:18:02+00:00

Dress light, it gets very hot in Saudi Arabia in general, people generally buy Sawb (Saudi dressing) & use it, its cultural & is light. You can always take your own garment but try to be light. You can easily buy from Makkah & Madina. Cost of buying a Sawab ranges from 40-150 SAR, cheaper being of less quality. When you’re in ihram, men can only wear 2 white, un-stitched sheets only, nothing else, no undergarments, nothing. Men can’t cover their heads, Women can wear whatever they want, but they can’t cover their faces or hands.

They take my passport..? What?2017-08-11T06:18:36+00:00

Yes they do. One of the rules in Saudi Arabia is that anyone entering the country to perform the pilgrimage has to submit their passports with them, once the hajj is completed, documents will be returned. It is their way of making sure everyone entering the country, exits the country. You will have your Hajj ID card given by your travel operator with all necessary information. In case of any incident, that will be the point of contact, they also take fingerprints to identity pilgrims.

How do I carry things when I’m in ihram?2017-08-11T06:20:26+00:00

Bring a draw string bag. It always helps when visiting the masjid, you can use it to place your slippers & any necessary items. You can carry a side bag aswell to keep money or important items. You will not have your passports. Saudi Hajj Ministry takes it from you when you land in Jeddah/Madina & returns the passport when you are flying back, Amazing…!!!!

Have to say, Mashallah Tabarakallah.

What kind of shoes do I bring?2017-08-11T06:23:18+00:00

This is crucial. You can buy Sandals (men) for the time you will be in the state of Ihram as majority of your feet needs to be apparent. You can take a pair of trainers for the walk between Mina & Jamara (Place to throw stones). You can buy slippers from Saudi Arabia for general use, it will cost between 10-20 SAR.

Can I bring a mobile phone?2017-08-10T10:44:38+00:00

Yes. You can take your mobile phone with your self but few points to remember. Carry out a backup, in case you lose your phone. Saudi Sim will probably not work on your phone, you will have to use a network unlocked phone. You can easily buy a phone for 120-200 SAR (Saudi Riyal). So buy a phone from Saudi Arabia & use it locally. Avoid using internet for Social Media, focus in your worship.


While one takes all precaussions when preparing for Hajj, there will be something that you will not be prepared for, no problem. One prepares to have an amazing experience, uplift in emaan, closesness to Allah & his guidance but be ready no matter how much you prepare there may be somthings that you may not have prepared for so be PATIENT at all times, remember Allah, do istagfar & make dua, you will find your self content & taste the sweetness of Emaan.

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